Oct 112011

This tutorial covers making a 3D extruded loop that uses a logo and/or text with either ShapeShifter or FreeForm Pro from Mettle.com
I cover some of the basic differences between the 2 plugins and with a few tweaks we get nearly the same result with both plugins.

Grab the free (CS5) project file at the bottom of the page and follow along.

-Ben Griggs
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Extruded Logo Project File

  5 Responses to “Tut – 3D extrusion logo loop for FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter”

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  2. […] out the Extruding a Logo in After Effects using FreeForm Pro and ShapeShifter Tutorial. Using Mettle’s FreeForm Pro and ShapeShiifter for After Effects to create simple logo […]

  3. man i learned more in this quick tut then a week of banging my head on my own. new to Shapeshifter.
    learning HOW it’s doing WHAT it’s doing is very important to using it.
    Thanks So Much!

    btw, any chance of more real world down and dirty tuts like this?
    company logos, 3d text and camera control (like flying down a line of text in z space etc) would be great!!!
    thanks again!

    • Glad you found it useful John!

      I do have some kinetic typography with ShapeShifter as well as some fake movie titles in the works. Watch for them.


  4. This page… a descovery!

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