Sep 302011

First off, I want to thank everyone that came to AENY 9-29-11

Remember, if you have CS5 then you have the standard FreeForm bundled with your software. Everything done with Displacement maps can be applied to FreeForm..

The zip file is at the bottom of the page.. In this file you’ll find 2 project files with all of the comps you see below. Many of these things couldn’t be shown at the presentation. The plugin is so incredibly diverse it’s impossible to cover everything it can do in a single sitting.

The pre-renderes are PNG sequences with Alpha. Just add a tint or change to color effect to recolor.

This "object" could have lots of uses

The I AENY logo extrusion that was made during the presentation.

A starting frame from the letters morph project

A frame of the morph letters project, during morph

This is the NYC subway map animation. We used multiple paths with stroke applied to form this extrusion.

This is a Text-on path project with some deformations applied prior to ShapeShifter. Just replace text and colors to make it yours..

Simple 4 color bar chart - extruded

Basic line chart

2 stroked and colored lines - extruded -

A Shape layer -extruded with Generator applied

Simple Shape Layer - Extruded with generator and deformations

Simple line extruded with generator and reflection map

Ben Griggs – ShapeShifter

Project files only .5 MB
Project files with some pre-renders 127 MB

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  1. Ben – thanks for the great presentation at AENY. You did a great job.


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